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N'hay Gear

Custom Horse Rug Specialists....

The N'hay Gear difference

Tailoring to your horse

The N'hay Gear method of measuring and building a rug means that your horse has its own size. They aren't squeezed into the nearest fit from a standard range. Their rug is built for them! Their details are kept on file and another replacement rug or rug for a different season can be built without further measuring.

Quality builds Quality.

The N'hay Gear rugs are built using quality materials that are tested and have been proven to last as best as possible. On top of that, they are constructed for the best survival in tough paddock situations. Some fabrics require special treatment in the build to prevent them failing before their time. Its a simple fact that cheaper, lesser quality materials, won't make the best rug.

Comfort is #1

Owners usually rug for cleanliness or as an assistance with itchy horses and as a barrier against foul weather. Some horses are rugged all year round. Imagine yourself having one pair of jeans to wear, day in day out. You'd make a pretty big deal about getting the right cut, shape and style. Its the same for a horse with their rugs. Comfort is #1 and that often goes hand in hand with having the rug for the job. Most horses will need a summer rug, and a winter or storm rug. Having the right weight for the weather is a big part of comfort. I'm always happy to discuss your needs and recommend the best rugs for the job.

Pricelist and Options

N'hay Gear rugs are made to order and once your horse is measured I can confirm a quote. Prices a relative to the size required. not one price for all.

Every attention to detail is applied to each and every rug for every horse.

On the left is a table of price indications for the standard sizing your horse currently fits.

Remember there are so many options for each rug and package prices are quoted too.

I look forward to working with you to build rugs that truly last and fit your horse better than any other.

Why Custom?

Not every horse needs custom, but every horse can have a custom rug made.

When a horse does have a custom rug the difference is amazing. The fit is fantastic of course. That makes it last longer too.

The N'hay Gear difference is also in the construction. N'hay Gear rugs are made to a very high standard and using Australian made materials and quality fittings. That means it lasts longer while fitting better and in the long term, better value for your dollar and your horse's comfort.